Emmeline Pankhurst statue plans submitted

Statue of Emmeline Pankhurt in Peter's Square

Turley has submitted plans, on behalf of Emmeline Pankhurst Statue Project, to immortalise one of Manchester’s most influential historical figures. The proposal is for a statue of British Suffragette leader, Emmeline Pankhurst to be situated in Peter’s Square.

The nucleus for this scheme was the WoManchester Statue Project, which seeks to celebrate women and address inequality in their representation across Manchester’s statues. Currently only one of the 17 statues in the city centre features a woman - Queen Victoria in Piccadilly Gardens.  

The public was invited to vote on a shortlist of women who had made a significant contribution to Manchester and, in many cases, the country. Emmeline Pankhurst was an overwhelmingly popular choice. A second public vote was held and a design entitled, ‘Rise Up, Women!’ by sculptor Hazel Reeves was selected.

An inscribed stone ‘Meeting Circle’ is planned to surround the statue. The concept development, assisted by our Urban Design team, has evolved the space to one which invites people to enter carefully and with respect to the artistic and cultural message of the structure.

St Peter’s Square is the civic centre of Manchester, accommodating some of the city’s key public buildings including the Town Hall and Central Library. The area has been undergoing redevelopment since ‘The Civic Quarter – Manchester Central Regeneration Framework’ was endorsed by Manchester City Council’s Executive Committee in February 2010.  

We provided Planning, Heritage, Engagement and Design services for this project, working on a pro-bono basis.

Speaking about the Emmeline statue, Bob May, Planning Director, Head of Expert Witness and Director of CSR said:

“The historical connections and civic importance of this area deserves something special. These plans combine a truly inspiring figure in an area of exceptional historical and civic significance. 

“It is an honour for Turley to be involved with this inspiring project for the city. The role of place is very important to us, as is embracing diversity. We hope this monument to Emmeline Pankhurst will inspire people for years to come.”

Councillor for Didsbury East, Andrew Simcock, leader of the Emmeline Pankhurst Statue Project, said:

“I have been delighted with the quality of Turley's contribution to the planning application for the Emmeline Pankhurst statue. They covered angles that hadn't even occurred to me! We are now inviting all those who have followed this whole project closely over the last few years to take a look at the plans online (reference 118302/FO/2017) on the City Council website and give us their views.”

The proposals aim for the statue to be unveiled on 14 December 2018, marking the centenary of the women’s vote being exercised for the first time in a general election.