Turley charity trip to Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone 2018

At the end of January, 10 Turley co-owners travelled to Sierra Leone in West Africa for the 7th overseas trip organised by the company’s Charitable Trust. The Trust has made a short film of the trip, click here to watch it.

SL18 full team

Led by Trust Chair, Bob May, the team worked with longstanding charity partner Mission Direct and a local charity Tebbs Second Chances to refurbish a community school in Regent, a hillside suburb of the capital Freetown, where a devastating mudslide in August 2017 killed over 1,000 people and destroyed 300 homes.

The community school was threatened with closure due to its poor condition and limited facilities but, with around £12,000 raised in donations, the Turley team was able to give new hope to the 200+ children at the school, making substantial progress on the rebuild over the course of four days.

Bob May and the school headteacher

The team also visited other charities in the Western Peninsula to distribute aid collected before the trip, including Waterloo Hospital where a previous team had extended the maternity wing and the Polio Association in Freetown.

Another highlight was teaching scale drawing to a group of students at the Vocational Training Centre at Lifeline Nehemiah School. The session was prepared and delivered by Neil Woodhouse, an Associate Director in the Design team, who had helped to build the centre on his previous visit in 2013.

Neil Woodhouse and students

The final part of the week was spent at Destiny Village, a new settlement where 300 homes are planned to relocate slum dwellers from Cobolt Slum in Freetown, which the team also visited. Turley Design has helped to masterplan the site for the charity Home Leone, and the team spent two days working on building the new school, erecting tents for the first residents who will move in shortly to build their own homes, and laying out the next phase of the site.

SL18 team

SL18 team

Find our more about the charities below:

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