NPPF: Evolution not Revolution

Draft NPPF

On 5 March the draft revised National Planning Policy Framework was released by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG). Consultation is open until 10 May 2018 and the Framework can be viewed here.

A range of other documents were also released, including: Draft Planning Guidance for Viability, Housing Delivery Test (Draft Measurement Rule Book), Supporting housing delivery through developer contributions and Government response to the housing White Paper consultation: Fixing our broken housing market.

We have reviewed the content of these documents thoroughly and drawn upon expertise from across Turley to provide a series of comment pieces. We will continue adding to these over the coming days and weeks, highlighting what the NPPF could mean for our clients, individual sectors, service areas and regions.

Turley NPPF comments

NPPF v2 wish list: before the announcement we compiled our top 10 'wants'.

Evolution not revolution: our initial response drawing together opinions from co-owners across a range of service and sector specialisms.

Fitter, happier, more productive?: considering the potential the proposed revisions will have on our health and well-being in towns and cities. 

Welcome to planning’s Wild West: find out who had the luck of the draw in relation to Viability, Developer Contributions and CIL.

Quantity and Quality: the implications of NPPF revisions on Urban Design and shaping better places.

Change is constant: a Strategic Communications perspective on NPPF revisions. 

Conserving and enhancing the historic environment: the heritage chapter of the NPPF.

New (and common) ground: the NPPF and the Duty to Co-operate.

Is the thread even more golden?: a sustainability view on the NPPF.

Left on the shelf?: the implications of the NPPF on town centres, leisure and retail.

Is neighbourhood planning shaping better places?: the draft NPPF and Neighbourhood Plans.