Welsh Government launches best practice guidance for developers authored by Turley

Welsh Government Best Practice Guidance

The Welsh Government has published a best practice guidance note to help developers. The Pre-application Community Consultation: Best Practice Guidance Note was previewed earlier this month during the Planning Aid Wales conference in Cardiff.

Since early 2016 applicants for ‘major’ development in Wales have been required to undertake formal pre-application consultation. The guidance note covers the following topics to help developers work with the new requirements:

  • Why carry out effective engagement?
  • Creating the right approach
  • How much consultation to carry out and when
  • Understanding the community
  • Who to consult
  • Value adding consultation tools and techniques
  • Recording, responding and reporting

The note was authored by Andrea Kellegher, Senior Consultant at Turley Engagement, on behalf of Welsh Government. She said:

“There are a number of challenges and opportunities to achieving successful pre-application consultation. Delivering best practice consultation strategies will enable the community to take part in the process, assist in overcoming planning issues and improve planning successes.

The purpose of the guidance note is to provide high level advice and detail for carrying out consultation on major development schemes. It aims to ensure that the relevant requirements are met, whilst identifying how developers can benefit from carrying out consultation that goes beyond the statutory requirements.”

The Welsh Government has been monitoring the implementation of the statutory requirements. A spokesperson for the Welsh Government said:

“Over the past year we have received a number of questions from developers about carrying out consultation under the new requirements. To assist developers in making the most of this opportunity to improve design of their developments, with the help of the public, we wanted a guidance note which promotes best practice, giving helpful tips and advice, along with real life case studies identifying opportunities and pitfalls for carrying out pre-application consultation in Wales.”

The Pre-application Community Consultation: Best Practice Guidance Note is available on the Welsh Government website in English and Welsh.

24 November 2017