Turley continues to support Mission Direct and Home Leone in 2018

Over the coming months, Turley co-owners will play a part in helping to transform the lives of people in Sierra Leone.

Turley's work in Sierra Leone

In January 2018 our SL18 team of 11 co-owners will visit Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown, with charity partners Mission Direct. Turley teams have been visiting the area since 2012 and have helped to build, decorate and refurbish classrooms, hospital extensions, clinics and homes.


Turley last visited Freetown in 2016 where we were involved in many activities including helping to redecorate the girls' dormitory at Nehemiah Lifelines School, running a workshop for some of the country's development planners, distributing aid at King Georges' orphanage and completing the outside refurbishment of the new wing of Waterloo Community Hospital.

In 2018 we will return to the capital to work on some of the following projects:

Maranatha Primary School

Maranatha Primary School is the only local primary school servicing the area. Started in 2003 (in a tin shack - below) with 60 children and 3 teachers, the school was created to educate children who were victims of war, giving them the opportunity of a better future.

Old Maranatha Primary School

Every year the school increases by around 100 children and so the original building quickly became too small. A new building for the Primary School was opened in April 2017. It now has 560 students with 12 teachers and 7 classrooms. Maranatha has now started a new secondary school which currently has 100 students, and is growing each month. The pupils have nowhere to go except the old school building. As you can imagine the temperature soars in the heat of the day with limited ventilation and lack of light. It is not fit for purpose. We will be helping to construct a brick-built secondary school just like the new primary school (below), we are aiming to raise £14,000 to construct the foundation for 6 classroms, as well as build one complete classroom ready to use in 2018.

New Maranatha Primary School

SDA Hospital Waterloo

When Mission Direct first became involved with the Adventist Hospital in 2004, it had no ward and the doctor brought water from his house every day. Over the years volunteers, including two previous Turley teams, have radically improved facilities such that today the hospital is thriving and playing a key part in saving thousands of lives. With the work we have achieved together so far, a community of 200,000 people have a hospital and a chance of survival in an area where other health facilities are extremely limited. The list of achievements so far include a 12-bed ward, well and water tower, a children’s and maternity ward and residences for overseas medical staff and private patients. For the last 18 months of the Ebola crisis, this was an Ebola centre and is currently trying to recover from the loss of income. The hospital has a number of building projects planned for 2017/18 including a pharmacy and physiotherapy room.

Sierra Leone building work

Quarry School

This school has classrooms of 120 pupils and desperately needs further space to alleviate class numbers and overcrowding. A previous Mission Direct team made the bricks for another classroom to reduce congestion.

Kings Royal Academy School

KRA was meeting under a mango tree, in the open air – a school with great teachers, but no facilities. After an afternoon visit here, a Mission Direct team were so moved they immediately paid for an interim timber shelter, meaning that school could continue through the summer rains. A proper school is now under construction as volunteers raise the funds to build a longer-term structure. We have also recently built a bakery for this school to generate an income and become self-sufficient. This needs finishing and an additional classroom needs building.

Bureh Beach Clinic

In recent years, Mission Direct teams, including the Turley SL16 team, have assisted in building the doctors' accommodation at this beautiful beach community. This now needs plastering and fitting out so a doctor can provide support to this marginalised community, who suffer so many losses because the only medical facilities available are too far away.

Bureh Beach Community

Turley's work in the Dominican Republic

Our co-owners have also supported Mission Direct in the Dominican Republic. 2017's team helped to build a house for community volunteer Ana, and Sister Mercedes who cares for disabled children.

How you can help

The SL18 team will be undertaking a number of fundraising activities in the coming months. If you would like to support our teams efforts, please visit our fundraising page.

To find out more about the work of our charity partners, please visit:

Mission Direct

Home Leone